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Story of the hood: "I was meant to be a cardigan. Began growing without a pattern or plan, from lovely soft cotton yarns salvaged from an old sweater, some scarps of white and robin egg blue and black. the dark greys are not exaclty same hue if you look closely. It took 25 years to finish me. But it was worth the wait!"

The rectangle of the hood was originally the hem of a cotton sweater. But when Reetta needed a hood, the hem was modified after a bit of brainstorming. The shape of the hood is inspired by a simple viking age fabric hood from Skjöldehamn, Norway. The pattern of the hood is easy to adapt to different sizes and different yarns because the basic shape is just a rectangle. There is a narrow decorative edge at the front and back and the fit is adjusted with a braid at the back of the hood.

You will need a crocheting hook and yarns defined in the pattern (200g of the main grey colour and 50g each of the four colours).

Design Riikka Haro | M.A., graphic designer; a creative handicrafter who rarely reads any instructions (and has some unfinished projects still waiting) || Pattern Ilta Hämäri | M.A., ethnologist; researcher and teacher of traditional and ancient textiles

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