Sociocracy 3.0 Basic Training - Small enterprises and start-ups


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Product description

The training, like sociocracy itself, works a lot with creative participation. In this three day course you will get a good basic understanding of sociocracy and the ability to apply and facilitate this methodology. After this course you will be able to facilitate your first S3 patterns within your organisation.

What you will learn:

  • Use of kanban
  • Drivers
  • Consent decision making
  • Co-creating proposals
  • Selecting people for roles
  • Organisational structures
  • How to bring in S3 in an organisation
  • How to become a learning organisation

Facilitator Arne Bollinger

Arne first learned about SCM (Classic Sociocracy 1.0) from James Priest and introduced it to a coworking space called “Thinkfarm” in Berlin that he helped to organise as a community-manager. Also S3 was implemented in the start-up that he founded: the international gift-economy network for communities https://ecobasa.org.

He has followed the development of Sociocracy 3 curiously and is enthusiastic about the innovations and the agile approach.

Since 3 years, he is a trainer and coach for Sociocracy 3.0. He has worked with many different groups and organisations and knows many other tools as well. He is trained in learning psychology and certified for brain friendly learning.

Time and place

Time: Fri 8th - Sun 10th of February 2018 Place: Taitoba, Annankatu 29, Helsinki

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