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Welcome to Nadia's solo technique lesson!!

Solo lessons are an excellent way to concentrate in fundamental topics that will help you improve your body awareness, posture, body control, your understanding of the music and its connection with the movement, etc. All of these issues are important to improve your partner dance.

You don't need to come with a partner. All roles (leaders/followers) are welcome. All levels (except full beginners) are also welcome.

You can sign up any time until 2 hours before the lesson. You will receive the instructions for joining the lessons. Please notice: This is also a live lesson.

Prices: Single lesson : 15 euros 5-lessons pack : 60 euros (the 5 lessons pack can also be used for our Thursday lessons for couples).

List of topics and dates:

September 9: "Relaxed... but how?" Finding a balance between activation and relaxation of the body for a comfortable dance

September 16: A dynamic alignment for dancing: the importance of the hips and the lumbar spine.

September 23: A dynamic alignment for dancing: head, shoulders and torso.

September 30: Dissociation: "What, how and when?"

October 7: The standing leg, the free leg and the internal directions in the body.

October 14: Arms & legs: waking up the connections to the floor and to our partner.

October 21: Music and movement, connecting the dots. See less

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