The Moodmetric ring purchases outside of the EU


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Product description

For organizations and individuals outside of the EU, process your order here for a VAT free purchase.

  • Delivery time estimate: 2 weeks
  • The Moodmetric app is free to download from AppStore and GooglePlay
  • The ring comes in five sizes: (XS - 16mm - US5.5) (S - 17mm - US6) (M - 18.5mm - US8.5) (L - 20mm - US10) (XL - 21.5mm - US12)
  • Forefinger and middle finger are the best ones for a good measurement. Please specify your preferred size during checkout.
  • The color options are black, grey, plum and turquoise
  • The app is compatible iPhone 4S or later, and Android devices supporting bluetooth4. Please note that the very low end Android phones might suffer of poor bluetooth connectivity.
  • The ring is splash proof, but not water proof
  • Shipping cost outside of the EU: 42€ / maximum 8 products (*)
  • The receiver of the product needs to cover duties and tariffs specific to each country

(*) Limitation due to air freight regulations. Please create a new order for each 8 products.