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Super Focus HUB is an online platform of audios and mental exercises that takes your performance to the next level.

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Super Focus HUB is tailored for achievers and performers who want to give their goal their best shot.

With Super Focus HUB you can reach your goals with enhanced clarity and laser sharp focus.

Minna Marsh is a highly professional and experienced Mental Coach. She can absolutely help any motivated hockey player.

– Jukka Jalonen, a Finnish professional ice hockey coach, IIHF World Championship Gold Winning Coach x 3 and 1 x Olympic Gold Winning Coach

I am Finland's first Mental Coach and also a Hypnotherapist. I can help you overcome any distractions, inside or around you. I've worked with professional hockey players and athletes for 16 years, from Canada to Finland.

With Super Focus HUB you learn fast and effectively how to focus on what really matters for you and overcome any distractions – for perfect concentration.

When you buy this product, you get limitless access to all training material. All material is also accessible from your smartphone.

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