Wooden cats toy


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Product description

The game has almost unlimited possibilities and is suitable for age 6+. There are eleven cats. Start with anyone, or two or even three, of the cats at any angle, and then carefully lay the rest of the cats on top of it. A great game for the whole family. Can be also played as a puzzle. However, due to the complexity of the puzzle, we recommend it as a challenge for age 14+. You can use them also as a decoration in your home or a memento.

The pieces are hand cut from a single wooden plate by a scroll saw and each game will have its own unique grain patterns. Material: African Walnut, Size: 20.5x16.5x2 cm, weight: 330 gr, Finishing: Wax/Oil nontoxic compliance with European standards EN71. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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