Light Ascension Reiki - Distant Energy Healing


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Product description

All in us and in the world is energy.

Light Ascension Reiki is a wonderful treatment that is channeled to a relaxing energy of life. Rei means spiritual wisdom and Ki power, life energy. This gentle, strong treatment helps you to heal and cure yourself from the inside.

With Reiki you might get help for a variety of problems, for example: allergies, anxiety, pain and chronic ailments, preparing and recovering from surgery, depression, blockages of creativity and feelings, insomnia, menopausal discomfort.

HOW TREATMENT WORKS: Reiki treatment originated from Japan, can be given physically on the treatment table, but it works equally well from the distance. Before treatment, we will have a short discussion, when you can ask about the treatment and tell what you are looking for especially in the treatment - if you want to. For treatment, reserve yourself a peaceful place and a moment to rest after your treatment. Other than that, you do not have to do anything else than lay down on your bed or sofa and receive the rejuvenating energy.

During treatment you may experience different feelings. Each treatment is unique and your experience of that may vary from time to time. Energy is always directed to where it is most needed, so your treatment always works to the highest good of yourself.. After treatment it´s important to drink plenty of water and take it as easy as possible. Treatment will continue even after our session.

Even one treatment is helpful, but you will get the best result through several treatment sessions in a row.

Please contact me by email or phone/WhatsApp to agree the time. If your currency is EUR, you can pay for the reservation here.

Give yourself permission to receive a wonderful life energy!

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