Everybody Plays - for Flex-Band


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Everybody Plays

for Flexible Wind Band Instrumentation, grade 5

This is a digitally downloadable product, delivered as a single zip-file that includes all the parts and the full score in pdf-format, ready to be printed.

Program notes

This composition got its initial inspiration from the history of videogames, with the rehearsal mark names acting as clues. Plenty of information can be found online, and for example this web page features a nice pictorial history:

Video Game History Timeline

It has a somewhat quirky march-character and features a fuga-like development section in the middle. There's plenty to do for everybody!

I want to thank everybody involved in the Creative Repertoire Initiative, and specifically James M. David for providing the six-part template (after the Bocook model).

Performance notes

The composition is divided into six groups + percussion, and works if even one player is represented from each group. The piccolo is the only optional instrument, and can be used if there is also at least one other instrument from Part 1 (flute 1 or clarinet 1) When more players are added into each group, all the balance concerns can be handled by the conductor. The composition is written without a key signature, although has a somewhat tonal feel of A-flat at times. I have not used a lot of cautionary accidentals, since each player might have different preferences, so I've left it up to each one to pencil in cautionaries as preferred.

Percussion parts are provided for four players, with the unpitched parts as the more important ones. The glockenspiel and xylophone are presented on the same part, but feature some quick shifts so may be better to allocate to two separate players if possible.

For euphonium both bass clef (in concert key) and treble clef (transposed) versions are provided.

Link for the scorevideo:

Everybody Plays in Youtube

This composition is also available for a full concert band.

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