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Product description

Dimension. L 180 | W 31 | H 44 cm Material. Seat made from ash wood | Legs made from steel 8 mm / sanded Options. | Legs in aluminium 8mm.


From the beginning of 2017, our Tidelands Benches will be delivered with serial numbers. GERSTENBERGER® hereby confirms the uniqueness of the Tidelands Bench to our valued customers. In addition, you will be provided with a certificate of authenticity.


Where the elements earth and water meet, sometimes lovingly, sometimes fighting, the close observer will find structures and surfaces that are the result of this eternal competition. Those who have paused at the border between water and sand, felt the caressing of the waves, know of the comforting embrace of the elements. The emotionally exaggerated design language urges to compare the visual and haptic elements, exhibiting the power of the tides. Take a seat and close your eyes. Ergonomic sitting combined with design. Today, modern people sit more than 80.000 hours during their lives. Scientific studies prove that sitting is an independent risk factor for different health problems. In this context, it makes sense to focus on the essential ergonomic requirements of the sitting quality. In contrast to straight / even horizontal surfaces, the new nature inspired concept of concave indentations of the “Tidelands Bench” by GERSTENBERGER® offers the possibility to sit in an ergonomic, comfortable and fatigue-free way. The origin of the German word “sitzen” (to sit) is the Latin verb “sedere” that can also be translated with “to soothe”. Try it! Dr. Klaus Müller / Leipzig, Germany FA für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin und Sportmediziner (Medical specialist for physical and rehabilitative medicine and sports medicine)

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