Vocal Coaching session in Espoo


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Product description

Take time for yourself and reconnect with your voice with the help of vocal coaching.

Maybe you are dreaming of public speaking to big audiences and you want to practice how to get more warmth, power and dynamics in your voice? Or maybe you want to clear fear and shame around expressing your voice in general. Or you are in the entertainment indurstry and you want to specialize in becoming a voice over artist. 

Whatever your background is, I am here to support you to find more freedom in your vocal expression. You decide how you use this time, and what you want to learn. I am here to support you to find relaxed vocal expression.

Mia Renwall is a singer, voice over artist and tantra teacher who is specialized in coaching actors, singers and public speakers to find a better technique in their voice. In her home country, Finland, she is one of the most used female voice over artists. You can hear her voice on TV, radio, shopping malls and train stations all over the country. She works in Finnish, Swedish and English. In addition to her studies at the Theateracademy of Helsinki, Mia is also a healer and tantra teacher, so what ever the challenge you face with your voice, with Mia you find a safe space to find ease, strength and warmth to your sound.

Mia Renwall