Disobey Year of Cyber 2021 Calendar Preorder


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  • We ship abroad!
  • Delivery time: after we've received your order, please allow us 14 working days to prepare the shipment
  • Estimated date for printing to be done: week 51 or earlier
  • The effects of COVID-19 to local postal services
  • Maximum 3 pieces per person
  • Please note that our prices are VAT 0%.

The funds from the calendar sale will be donated directly to Outreach, which operates as a separate nonprofit organization under the Disobey umbrella. Disobey Outreach is a nonprofit organization founded to help at-risk groups with their digital privacy and security. Their primary focus is on victims of digital stalking or abuse by a current or former partner.

By purchasing the calendar you are supporting Outreach’s mission. https://www.outrch.org/

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