MATT CHEM SPARKLIFT Wax cream for gelcoat and paint 500 ml

Maintenance and Renovation


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Product description

Wax cream PTFE® based for gelcoat and paint SPARKLIFT is a renovator containing P.T.F.E. The P.T.F.E. is a resin, which has a very low coefficient of friction. The application on the hull of a film of P.T.F.E makes it possible to decrease the friction and the wear and tear on the gelcoat and paint. The P.T.F.E makes it possible to reduce the matter loss due to the demonstrations of friction of water, salt, oxygen on the gelcoat or paint. The renovating SPARKLIFT thus acts as insoluble, inert and anti-wear solid lubricant. SPARKLIFT is a surface treatment containing P.T.F.E which leaves a brilliant film. The application can be done only using one grinder orbital grinding machine. Work on a speed of 300-500 tours minutes. Work on small surfaces of 50/50 cm. Spread the product equally on the bonnet, a coffee spoon is enough. Move the grinding machine in circular motions at a low speed. With the release of heat caused by this friction, the P.T.F.E. will b polymerized and migrate consequently in the middle of gelcoat. Finish glossing by using a soft felt to obtain a perfect brightness.