23010 Laser Bug Race



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Product description

Racing upgrade to the confidence-inspiring junior training/racing boat

The Bug is one of the most versatile additions the LaserPerformance family. Excellent hydrodynamics and outstanding upwind performance push the Bug into the future with ultimate off-the-breeze sailing. The unique hull is a combination of performance and style in a stable platform. Overall, it is a sailboat with superior downwind control.

Extremely competent performance dinghy with windsurfer-like agility and quickness. Exceptional sailboat design by Jo Richards, especially for those looking to enhance their sailing skills and eventually compete. Stable and durable triple-layer polyethylene hull that does not compromise performance. Extendable aluminum carry handles slide from transom drain ports (optional upgrade). Optional integrated wheel makes the Bug a breeze to maneuver around the boat park. The Bug Race is a popular upgrade from the standard Bug. The Bug Race comes with the unique powercurve Race mast and your choice of 5.3 m² Mylar mainsail. For the standard, non-race version of the Bug, visit the Bug page.