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Shipping outside of Finland is charged separately! The Laser Radial Sail is 5.76 m2 and made from Dacron with a recomended weight of 55 - 70kg. The Folded Radial Sail includes:

ILCA Red Button Folded Sail Bag Please note the Laser Radial Sails are not supplied with Battens or Sail Numbers

Information: The Laser Radial is the next step up from the Laser 4.7. It uses a more flexible and slightly shorter lower mast together with a sail area 18% smaller than the Laser Standard. The Laser Radial has a large following with national and international regattas and World Open &Youth Championships attracting as many countries and competitors as the Laser Standard Rig. As well as a strong following amongst lighter weight sailors the Laser Radial is also used for youth, women and masters racing. Many countries now support a full Laser Radial Youth programme and in a survey of national yachting authorities conducted by the International Sailing Federation the majority replied that the Laser Radial was their preferred youth boat.