ILCA / Laser masts


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Product description

LP is proud to be one of few approved Laser builders that will be offering this product to Laser sailors.

This new mast, though built to the exact same design in mind as the previous, boasts durability and ease of use. Dan Smithers, Vice President of LaserPerformance Sailboats EU, said, “The team is excited to introduce this new product to our loyal Laser sailors. We are confident this new mast will improve the overall sailing community because it will be easier to use.”

In the International Laser Class Association (ILCA)’s announcement, President, Tracy Usher, said, "I've sailed with a prototype composite upper while training in a wide variety of conditions -- I couldn't tell any difference between having this spar on the boat or using an aluminum one. I sail the same way and the boat seems to behave the same way. Everything felt the same. This is going to make Laser sailing easier. Sailors won't need to carefully align their mast rivet when rigging or worry about straightening their masts after a day of heavy air sailing. It's going to be a big improvement for everyone!”