MATT CHEM Pro-lift liquid polish

Maintenance and Renovation


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Product description

PRO-LIFT is a polish containing P.T.E.F. The P.T.E.F. is a resin, which has a very low coefficient of friction. The application on the hull of a film of P.T.E.F. makes it possible to decrease the friction and the wear and tear on the gelcoat and paint. The P.T.E.F. makes it possible to reduce the matter loss due to the demonstrations of friction of water, salt, oxygen on the gelcoat or paint. PRO-LIFT leaves a brilliant film. Well shake before use. Apply on a dry and clean surface nonexposed with the sun. Work by small surfaces by taking care to spread out the polish with a nonfluffy soft rag. Rub in a circular motions. Let dry a few moments. PRO-LIFT will quickly dry to a haze. Wipe off haze using another clean, dry cloth.