Zoom8 Sails & Spars Optimist Class Wetsuit


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Product description

Upper part - waterproof breathable 3 layer membrane, looser to allow the wearing of an upper base layer depending on conditions (polar, merino, titanium ...). Lower part in 5/4/3mm neoprene, close fitting to the body, with fleece lining on the belly. Unlike dry suits this Hybrid is more fitted, the feeling of sinking is less, the risk of uncomfortable folds under a harness are removed, and the neoprene allows swimming more easily in case of a capsize or falling in. Reinforcements of different densities are integrated in the thigh, knee and shin areas to protect effectively from impact. The waterproof zip is located across the shoulders at the back for comfort and good freedom of movement, the comfort zip is also waterproof. The seat area is treated with an anti abrasion fabric. The neck and wrist cuffs are in comfortable neoprene, the suit comes with a set of velcro strips to adjust the tension at the ankles. This semi-dry was designed without latex sock or neoprene, however it is possible to add a pair of Neo Socks to make this Hybrid completely sealed with the advantage of choosing slippers at the right size separately from the suit.

> Upper part designed with a 3-layer membrane, waterproof, breathable, stretchable for maximum freedom and flexibility > Low part designed in Neoprene 5/4/3mm for a maximum of protection and warmth > Various protection panels integrated at key locations with thermoplastic plates and high density foams > Neoprene waterproof neck and cuffs 1mm > Rear opening at the shoulders : Super Flex T-ZIP > 100% waterproof comfort zip > Ankle closure with velcro system > Optional neoprene socks to make the suit 100% waterproof