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NO MORE BRUSES, USE YOUR PROTEC PANT PRO TEC range : The first elegant sailing armor for high-flying sailors, and used by the Top Guns ! You sail on a fast craft and you want an effective protection system against the shocks and to avoid the bruises after a good sailing session? This set is for you ! This reinforced Lycra is equipped with numerous foam reinforcements and Thermoplastic plates, placed in key places. To wear over a neoprene or under a dry suit, even under a set of sailing overalls when going up a mast in rough seas. It is today the protection of choice by many (GC32, Flying Phantom, A Cat, Superfoiler etc ...) The PRO TEC PANT has many foam reinforcements of different densities in key places: coccyx, buttocks, hips, knees, or malleolus are vulnerable The tibial and thigh protections are lined with thermoplastic plates. Particular care has been taken in the finishes to ensure a good durability of these pants, to wear over a neoprene or under a drysuit - even alone in hot weather. The seat is lined with an anti abrasion fabric. A rubberized band and a drawstring allow a good fit at the waist. With this PRO TEC PANT finishes the worry of slipping knee pads. You will be able to push your boat more serenely. Important work has been done on the different densities of reinforcement, to offer the best possible protection without losing comfort and freedom of movement. The PRO TEC range effectively protects against small and medium impact sailing impacts. It is important to wear a suitable size for optimal impact protection.

> Lycra base reinforced to provide protection for vulnerable areas, regardless of clothing > Strategic protection on impact and UV zones (UPF 50+) > Thermoplastic and foam plates placed tactically on the impact zones: coccyx, buttocks, hips, knees, malleolus (ankle bone) > Rubberised gripping band at the waist and drawstring for a perfect fit > Reinforced seat with anti-abrasion fabric