Optimist Camera Mount

Optimist Class


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PRE-ORDER NOW - To Secure your build slot to recieve your ITCM immediately on it's release!

Optimist Imperial Transom Camera Mount

Using CAD design we have created a camera mount that fits to the Optimist hull with no screws or clips with the perfect view of the sailor and their surroundings. We are very happy to announce that the Optimist ITCM is available to Pre-Order today with the expected launch date 01/06/2018.

Screw-less! - Easy and quick to attach / detach A standardised view and a great comparison tool against other sailors Self-Coaching / Video Reviewing Great Coaching tool! Promote your sponsors with great advertising space! Upload to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram…! Compatible with all GoPro and Garmin products Also compatible with 6mm screw mount cameras