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“You know, I think you are in big trouble. I’ll call you back soon,’ Sirpa said and hung up. I was left sitting quietly at my desk. The entire space was suddenly filled with a heavy silence. My head was humming, my ears were ringing, my mouth was dry and my hands were shaking. I still tried to fathom what all this meant.”

Based on real events, One Option is to Die is a gripping story of fraud, betrayal and life falling apart. It is also a portrayal of perseverance and hope in the midst of hopelessness; an account of one person’s struggle towards a new, better life.

Lotta Ansakorpi is a Finnish-based entrepreneur and artist whose personal experiences this book is based on. The Turning Point of Tragedy is an undertaking she started as part of her recovery, and it offers counselling and special events to people who have faced adversities in their lives. In other words, to us all.

Tragedian Kääntöpiiri