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Knowing how to love yourself, how to be kind to yourself, and appreciate your so-called faults and accept yourself for who you are, is not easy. I am thrilled to introduce my 60 minutes coaching session to help you boost your confidence and self-love
I firmly believe in the law of attraction and use this method in my coaching sessions. The Law of Attraction recognizes that when you are aware of who you truly are and what you want, you are able to attract everything and everyone you want in life
My coaching session includes:
• discovering practical, emotional, rational and spiritual options to help you improve your life and learn to live in the moment
• identifying areas you feel comfortable with so that you can love yourself more, care for yourself more and value yourself more
• identifying areas you feel needs improvement with so that you can stop sabotaging your own life, stop over-giving and stop living in the past
• guiding you to discover a way to become your best friend, be kind to yourself and open yourself to attract positive things in your life
• sharing my own personal experience and how the law of attraction helped me achieve goodness in my life
A coaching circle is a minimum of six sessions, weekly or bi-weekly. Payment is due within 7 days after each session
Let’s work together to boost your confidence and self-love

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