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Both in professional life & personal life, your photo tells your unique story. The way you feel about yourself is reflected in this image. I am thrilled to introduce my photo confidence workshop to help you realize your inner and outer beauty, and find your ability to confidently be yourself and shine through in your photo.
*When facing a camera, is not only about the poses, your hair and makeup and the outfit you’re wearing, it’s about how you feel about yourself. My mission is to make you feel confident and at peace with yourself in front of the camera lens, and to be at one with how you look. *
*My philosophy in life and my passion regarding coaching methods are based on the Law of Attraction. This means that when you are aware of who you truly are and what you want, you are able to attract everything you desire and goodness in life. *
*With this philosophy in mind, my coaching session will help you create better photos for yourself. Each session is for a maximum of 3 people online or in person at my Kamppi Studio close to Helsinki city center, and all you need is a phone or a camera. *
Each session includes:
• learning strategy – I will guide you in discovering a unique approach that is good for you, so you can appreciate yourself and open yourself to attract only positive things in your life
• self-love help – I will assist you in identifying areas you can work with to love yourself more, care for yourself more and value yourself more.
• technical tips – how to work with lighting, angles, facial expressions, poses and props
Let’s work together to discover your confidence in yourself and be present in your image.

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