XDF Lasten Kirjat tanssivat // XDF Kids Book Moves 10.6. & 13.6.


Product description

Book Moves is a video series which invites us to be with each other through the power of sharing stories. Different environments and people encourage us to imagine other realities in how we experience ourselves and others. The videos share stories in which the main characters have a disability and we learn of the ways in which they experience the world around them through sound, smell and what they see and feel. At the end of the story we invite you to join us to play and dance to explore some of the themes from the book.

WHEN: Thursday 10 June and Sunday June 13 14:00-14:20

WHERE: Via a link provided after registration.

MILLOIN: Torstai 10.06Sunnuntai 13.6 klo 14:00-14:20


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