Body Stories: creating artistic work with DanceAbility 12.6 @ 17


Product description

In this conversation we invite danceability teachers who create artistic work using the danceability method to share short video excerpts from their artistic work created for their organizations: Maja Hehlen (DE) from DanceAbility Deutschland , Michaela Knox (US) from Spark Dance Program and dancer Tanya Winters (US) from Body Shift. Each participant is invited to define their practice in relation to the DanceAbility method and working with inclusive practice in crafting work. Is there a clear boundary of what characterises the DanceAbillity method which differes from other improvised creative processes? What are the borders or boundaries? How does the DanceAbility method support creative agency and thinking in the creation of work? Is there anything that could be developed? What are the challenges and benefits of using DanceAbility in artistic contexts?

MILLOIN: Saturday 12 June @ 17:00-18:00

MISSÄ: Zoom. Register here

DanceAbility Finland, Kaaos Company, X Dance Festival SHOP