Conversation with Adam Benjamin and Silva Laukkanen 10.6 @ 15


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Conversations with Adam Benjamin (UK) & Silva Laukkanen (FI/US)

How do we create sustainable spaces both internal and external, that are healthy, creative and inquisitive? How do we negotiate spaces to include practices which move us beyond conceptual ideologies? For example what do we do when we witness injustice in our dance spaces? What is an artists responsibility in living values that are sustainable in our current world? What is essential for this in terms of practice and action? These are some of the questions we will explore with Adam Benjamin. Adam is one of the pioneers in the field of inclusive dance and an artist who walks his talk. His skill in provoking questioning which invites accountability has been developed from decades of experience creating, teaching and advocating a dance world that is accessible for all.

WHEN: Thursday 10.6.21 @ 15:00-16:00

WHERE: Via Zoom link provided on registration here

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