The skin of self-compassion

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Why would you have to grow thick skin, to make it in life? Imagine if you could be your sensitive, deep-feeling and vulnerable self, and feel life as fully as you naturally do?

When we want to encounter life fully, we need the gift of self-compassion, the ability to meet our joy and suffering with mercy and gentleness. Because self-loathing, sternness and criticism have been survival skills for so many of us, and have kept us alive, we often need support to allow and learn self-compassion.

Idea for using this book creatively as a support for self-compassion

Take a pen and a notebook, sit down for a while with a cup of your favorite hot beverage, wrap a blanket around you and open this book anywhere in the painting section. Let your gaze rest on the picture on the right side page, concentrate on your heart area and breathe at your own pace.

When you feel ready, write the question at the bottom of the left hand page in your notebook. Write your thoughts longhand, forgetting about grammar and punctuation, letting your gaze return to the painting every now and then.

If your thoughts go to a part of you, who may have needed compassion at some point in your life, you can connect to that part of you in this moment, through your writing, with compassionate words and feelings. (And if this feels difficult, please remember it is part of the learning process. You can ask: is compassion available even here, breathe and write what happens.)

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