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Final(e)affect is the fourth event of the Causatum Live Cinema series, on a concept by Marek Pluciennik The events are purely committed to practices using improvised live moving image and sound. The focus is on the ephemeral nature of moving image, when created live without a script or score. The performances delve into the subconscious of image and sound creation. Program: Friday 12.11. @ 19-22 Special guests: 12.11. Xavier Quérel ('Celulle d'intervention METAMKINE', Grenoble FR) and Andrea Saggiomo (IT) Artists: Natalia Kozieł-Kalliomäki (POL), Petteri Kalliomäki (FI), Lasse Vairio (FI), Marek Pluciennik (POL/CAN) Saturday 13.11. @ 12-18 exhibition of 'Dead Gear' @20-22 collective improvisation, special guest Otzir Godot, percussion (FIN) The ticket is valid for both days.

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