15.02.2020 Joensuu - How to Relax for Better Concentration

The Breath Control Academy


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Product description

Breath control workshop

How to Relax for Better Concentration.

Learn the 3 Skills to Relax thru the Baaij Breath Method.

  • Time: 15t of February 2020 10 am till 4 pm (6 hours)
  • Location: Educa 200 - Tulliportinkatu 1, 80130 Joensuu
  • Language: English, possibility to support in Finnish

Price: €150 per person


Students of the University of Eastern Finland world music course by Noora Sofia Vikman get a fixed price of €120,- or €97 _ : €120,- = incl wooden instrument : €97,- = incl PVC instrument : student can upgrade to an wooden one by cash payment of €20,- at the start of the workshop : Request Special Discount code from Noora Sofia Vikman (in FB) or by email.

Includes - the workshop - the instrument didgeridoo (50 e) for later practice - a manual for later practice - Teacher speaks in English and basic Finnish

Registration by buying the tickets secures your place. - Registration is compulsory. In case of a compulsory reason to cancel your participation - contact by email: info@thebreathcontrolacademy.com

The GOAL of the course is to help you Learn 3 SKILLS:

  • 1. Learn to notice when you are stressed.
  • 2. How to control the outcome of your Stress
  • 3. Experience how Didgeridoo Playing can Relax Body & Mind.

To Whom:

  • Teachers, trainers, coaches, musicians, vocalists, public speakers
  • People that like to improve respiratory problems caused by asthma, sleep-apnea and snoring
  • People that like to improve their breathing for Meditation and Yoga purposes
  • People that Enjoy to Experience Primitive Music

Introduction The course leader and founder of the The Breath Control Academy Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij is a music professional in education, composing and performing seven instruments. He has personally experienced the benefits of playing didgeridoo. Using this method he recovered his asthma, sleep-apnea and a 1,5 year-long burn-out.

What's it about The training method has supported over hundreds of people in the #Netherlands over the last 25 years in his own Didgeridoo school Bastiaan Baaij in #Rotterdam and Hague and vocal coaching at DMDP (open this abbreviation?) Music. Actively executed in many educational (private & governmental), corporate organizations and medical environments.

When you are feeling tension, feeling stress Exhaling makes room for Oxygen. Experience how playing didgeridoo stimulates immediate auto feedback on how you are #breathing and how this responds to changes in your physical and psychological state. The course is open to all those who are interested in learning a new approach to relax through this method.

A good investment in yourself!


Program of the workshop (6 hours): - 10:00 : Session 1: Welcome & Introduction - 10:45: break 15 min - 11:00: Session 2 - 11:45: break 15 min - 12:00: Session 3 - 12:30: Lunch (bring your own)
- 13:00: Session 4 - 13:45: break 15 min - 14:00: Session 5 - 14:45: break 15 min - 15:00: Session 6 - 15:30: Q & A - 16:00: End

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