Carbony™ 3 section High Back Pressure + Free Onine course

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Product description

Three section high back-pressure didgeridoo with custom O-ring locking anodized aluminum collets and stainless steel mouthpiece. Ranges over an octave from high A through a low F sharp. Small bore instrument with thicker walls and exponentially progressive bell gives more volume to harmonics and overtones.

This didgeridoo has tubes starting at 1.375″ and flare to 2.75″, the 15″ tapered mouthpiece starts at 1″. It has a triple spiral projected groove and and also comes standard with a 1.25″ ID steel ring. *Your Free Online Course link will be presented to you on the Receipt message after your purchase.

We wish you many pleasant musical hours with this amazing instrument.

Your Carbony ‘Super Boom’ Slide Didgeridoo has a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Your didgeridoo is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship (as long as you maintain and use the product as directed.)

please note that the estimated delivery time will be around 4 weeks. Your total invoice includes shipping/handling, VAT & Customs clearance

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