SEMINAR - How to Relax for Better Concentration in Martial Arts

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Product description

How to Relax for Better Concentration in Martial Arts.

Learn 3 Essential Skills to Relax & train Inner-Core Muscle awareness thru the Baaij Breath Method.

What do you Get!

1. Seminar 3 Hours. 2. Your own Basic PVC Practice tool or Upgrade to Premium Practice Didgeridoo value 49,- euro


Barreto Ry members get fixed price of €45,- used code: BARRETO45

€60,- cash at the door

What's it about:

When feeling tension, feeling stress Exhaling makes Room for Oxygen. Thru the Baaij Breath Method you experience how to train your inner Core Muscles and Regulate Breathe Patterns. Experiencing more Relaxation and Better Concentration thru Longer Exhalation. Thru playing Didgeridoo are Training Tool. Accessible to all Sport Levels without previous didgeridoo experience.

My Goal to share with you:##

3 Essential Relax Skills to Implement in Your Daily life & Combat Environment

  1. Learn to Notice When You are Stressed.
  2. How to control the outcome of your Stress
  3. Experience How Didgeridoo Playing as tool thru the Baaij Breath Method trains your Inner-Core muscles, Improves your Focus by Relaxing Body & Mind but Staying Alert.

About the Teacher:

Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij is a Dutch music educator, artist and breath coach with over 25 years of experience in educating and performing with the didgeridoo and 7 other instruments. Followed education by leading didgeridoo masters for several years. Practiced Aikido and Wushu Kungu in the Netherlands. Solved his sleep-apnea and asthma thru playing didgeridoo. Bastiaan speaks in English and basic Finnish

To Whom:

.Athletes, Martial Arts practitioners, Teachers, trainers, coaches, .People that like to improve their mental and physical balance in combat situations. .People that like to improve respiratory problems caused by asthma, sleep-apnea, snoring and stress

Instrument Story:

The Didgeridoo, the Australian instrument played by Yolgnu people. It is researched as perhaps the oldest instrument alive today. It is also research to be beneficial for people with sleep-apnea and asthma. It's unique yet simply form makes it and accessible tool to personally experiences your self. It is inspiring to hear, feel and experience the power of this instrument. Yet it is just a hollow log that needs air pressure to amplify the sound that originates from you. Achieving this trains your inner-core muscles that otherwise would be left behind.

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Greetings, Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij (Artist name: Manupeo)

Bastiaan Baaij Well-Being