HUB Feenix Didgeridoo Course - 6 weeks + Starter Didgeridoo

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An Fun & Fit way to Learn to play an Very Intuitive Instrument. As long as you can Breath you Can Play 😉

This training supports the skills needed to become better in breathing. Suitable for people with Asthma, Sleep-apnea and COPD.

Many students have personalty experienced how playing didgeridoo supports them in relieving stress, mind fogginess and gives them more energy while feeling more relaxed.

But do not believe what you read here. Come and Experience it for your self. Register for this course NOW!

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  • Date: 5th of Januari
  • Time: 18:00-19:30
  • 9 hours of dedicated group training
  • 10% Discount on your starter didgeridoo (pay €40,- instead of €50,-)
  • straining handout / guide + Free online training videos

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