Workshop - How to Relax for Better Concentration

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Product description

How to Relax for Better Concentration.

Learn the 3 Skills to Relax thru the Baaij Breath Method.

What do you Get!

1. Workshop 4 Hours total for €97,-. instead €125,-

(early bird price of €97,- valid until 26th of July)

2. Including Your Own Didgeridoo to take home. (value €49,-) 3. Free entrance to Sound Meditation Concert (value €20,-)

What's it about:

When you are feeling tension, feeling stress Exhaling makes Room for Oxygen.
Bastiaan teaches how to use the didgeridoo to regulate your breath to experience more relaxation and a better concentration thru longer exhalation. No didgeridoo experience needed

My Goal to help you Learn 3 Relax Skills to Implement in Your Daily life

  1. Learn to Notice When You are Stressed.
  2. How to control the outcome of your Stress
  3. Experience How Didgeridoo Playing thru the Baaij Breath Method can Relax Body & Mind.

Teacher speaks in English and basic Finnish

To Whom:

Teachers, trainers, coaches, musicians, vocalists, public speakers People that like to improve respiratory problems caused by asthma, sleep-apnea and snoring People that like to improve their breathing for Meditation and Yoga purposes People that Enjoy to Experience Primitive Music

Instrument Story:

The Didgeridoo, the Australian instrument, is researched as perhaps the oldest instrument alive today. It is magical, unique, and it is simply so inspiring to hear, feel and experience the power of this instrument. Yet it is just a hollow log that needs air pressure to amplify the sound that originates from you.

Buy your ticket and Experience it for yourself

Greetings, Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij (Artist name: Manupeo)

Bastiaan Baaij Well-Being