Karakal Hot Zone Pro 125 Squash String 110m coil

Karakal Jänteet


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Product description

Used by Joel Makin.

The Karakal Hot Zone Pro 125 is a Multifilament Pro performance Squash String with a Co-Polymer inner core wrapped in high tensile Co Polymer Braided layers.

A textured nano coating finish which enhances the Feel and Durability of the string, gives the Hot Zone Pro 125 superior Power, while remaining consistent and controlled for those touch and cut shots that win games.

The Karakal Hot Zone Pro 125 Squash String deliveres Pro performance for a high level controlled game.

The string of choice for High Performance and Pro player.

Karakal Nano Technology is a revolution in String manufacturing. Adding 'nano' sized particles at a molecular level changes the cell construction and instantly improves the feel and durability of the strings.

Co-Polymer Multifilament Core pecial Nano Coating Twin Layer High Tenacity Co-Polymer Braided Fibres 1.25mm Diameter