La Haye Sainte Battle of Waterloo



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This set will NOT come as a Kickstarter in future. It will be always a shop-fileset.

Here you get a complete fileset to create the Farmbuilding in the center of the battlefield Waterloo. The Complex is devided into the different buildings as for example mainhouse and stables. Also walls and doosection will come as single parts. The buildings are cutted by storey. Playable inside with removable roofs.

The initial model scale is 20/22mm.

The files are optimized to downscale them to 15mm or upscale them to 28mm.

15mm = 73% (0.73 in Cura) 28mm = 127% (1.27 in Cura)

If you game in "Heroe scale", (ca.32mm) scale up to146%.

A special file for 6 mm or smaller is included.

We recommend printers with a bed size nearly 200 x 200 mm (as Prusa, Ultimaker or Clones have. Also Makerbot & Clones 225 x 150mm will work). If you game with 28mm figures, we do not recommend this files for users with miniprinters (bed size 150x150mm or smaller) !! 15mm will run without problems, in larger scale much buildings will not fit on this miniprinters. If multiple storeys, each storey is separate with floor. Roofs of course detachable.